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In Demand: 40,000+ employees, $87,000+ average annual salary, ZERO retail…until now!

It's only a concept start, but soon, the new Redstone Retail project will start taking shape!

The Redstone Retail team is actively seeking banking, pharmacy, convenience store / gas station, coffee shop, fast food, fast casual, casual dining and other service retailer interest. Phase I of the project is expected to have most or all of these offerings at a minimum, including drive-through capabilities. Unlike any other options inside the gates at Redstone, at our site every single member of the Redstone family can use and buy from every vendor!

On the Photos section of this website you will find several potential concept designs. If there's one thing real estate developers can tell you about every project, it's that it will never end up looking like the concept designs! There is a lot of work to do to get from an empty site, with Martin Road expansion now done, to a thriving amenity development that serves the Redstone Arsenal team and their families and guests, and we are excited to be starting that process now. It is our hope that as time progresses our site will be turned over to us and we will quickly have the first buildings up and open!

Your Redstone,

Your Retail.

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